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Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.034 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustrated newspaper article on the return of Italian fencing master Pini to Paris, and about his acclaim and school in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.027 - IMG-01.jpg
Four combined engravings by E.A. Tilly depicting the fencing school facilities on rue Saint-Marc, Paris, and Monsieur Rüe, the professor of the school. The top image depicts the salle d'armes during a public assault on December 8, 1887, with…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.INS.004 - IMG-01.jpg
Isaac Lazarus Israëls was a Dutch painter associated with the Amsterdam Impressionism movement. This painting depicts an instructor teaching sabre to five students in a fencing school.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.017 - IMG-01.jpg
French postcard with a photograph of the inside of a military fencing school. Two fencers can be seen fencing with sabres as three other fencers and three uniformed soldiers observe. Foils and fencing masks (both padded and unpadded) line the wall…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.009 - IMG- 1.jpg
Postcard from 1914 with an image of the salle d'armes of St. Maixent, home of the French l'École Militaire de l'Infanterie from 1881 to 1967, and the École Nationale des Sous-Officiers d'Active from 1963 to the current day.

A handwritten note on…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.003 - IMG-01.jpg
Photograph of the fencing loft at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Found in the appendix of Clovis Deladrier's text, "Modern Fencing." Maître Deladrier, was the Maître d’Armes for two regiments of the Belgian Army (1906-26)…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.043 - IMG-01.jpg
Newspaper article with illustration depicting the salle d'armes at theÉcole spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr. The article below describes the salle:"La salle d’armes est fort spacieuse, ornée avec goût de trophées étincelants, et la méthode de…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.013 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustration preceding the almanac entry "l'Esprit des Armes" in the chapter "Août".

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.019 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustrated newspaper engraving of a fencing school.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.012 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustration preceding the almanac entry "Duel en Salle d'Armes" in the chapter "Mai" depicting a fencing match between Louis Ringal (left) and Octave de Bancas (right) interrupted by Maître d'Armes Vigeant (center).

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.010 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustration preceding the almanac entry "Une Duel Militaire" in the chapter "Avril" depicting Maître d'Armes Payen in the military fencing school of the Hussards in the Metz garrison.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.005 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustration preceding the almanac entry "La Résurrection de Pons" in the chapter "Janvier"depicting the accident during the fencing match between Alphonse Pons, eldest son of Maître d'Armes Pons, and Lord Geffrin wherein the latter's foil broke 20…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.014 - IMG-01.jpg
The image shows the university fencing school of Altdorf where the university of the free imperial city of Nürnberg was located. A university fencing instructor holds a lesson. Inscription in German reads as follows:
Es kan ein Musen Sohn, nicht…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.012 - IMG-01.jpg
A hand-coloured print of a fencing match between two gentlemen and observed by a men standing and sitting around the edges of the room. On the left, a man, tying his shoe laces prepares to fence whilst a man standing in the centre of the background…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.010 - IMG-01.jpg
Postcard with fencing scene and written joke: "Distinguished Foreigner (hero of a hundred duels): 'It is delightful, Mademoiselle. You English are a sporting nation.' Fair Member: 'So glad you are enjoying it. By the way, Monsieur le Marquis, have…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.007 - IMG-01.jpg
Postcard featuring a fencing instructor wearing a red mask and in a teacher's posture and a student in a blue mask on guard. An unmasked fencer waits in the background, and a wall of foils is to the right of the pair of fencers.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.002 - IMG-01.jpg
Etching of a fencing match. Inscribed in plate lower left: "Rowlandson 1788"

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.014 - IMG-01.jpg
Salle Rouleau was located on the first floor of a hotel and featured high ceilings, "old-style" woodwork, and a collection of arms donated by Nicholas Maximilianovich de Beauharnais, Duke of Leuchtenberg. The salle was founded by Maître d'Armes Pons…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.013 - IMG-01.jpg
Mimiague le Bearnais was a pupil of Jean-Louis, an artillery regiment's maître d'armes, and, at some time, in the Zouaves. Mimiague founded his salle d'armes on Rue Richelieu in 1862. Upon Mimiague's death in 1883 the salle relocated to Rue du…
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