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Copyright Designations

© Fencing Arms & Artifacts

Fencing Arms & Artifacts creates, organizes, and indexes a broad range of digital images and data that document fencing's rich history and material culture.

Images under the copyright of Fencing Arms & Artifacts were created by, or were transferred into its possession and represent a physical artifact in a private collection. The private owner transfers any copyright to the image(s) of their artifact to Fencing Arms & Artifacts in support of our mission.

Open Access Policy

Fencing Arms & Artifacts has adopted an open access policy which makes the images in our collection freely available for unrestricted use and at no cost, in accordance of our terms of use.

Terms of Use: Images may be used or referenced to for non-commercial purposes only, and with attribution to Fencing Arms & Artifacts (with link to the item page, if possible) as well as the owner / custodian listed in the item metadata.


Items with this rights designation are owned by an outside institution or museum and represents a physical object in their collection. The image is owned by the same institution which has been made available for non-commercial uses only.

Terms of Use: Read and understand the use guidelines provided by the cited institution. Attribution must be made to the institution and not Fencing Arms & Artifacts.


The Fencing MasterDetroit Institute of Arts.

Public Domain

Images believed to be in the US Public Domain.