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Portrait of Maitre d'Armes Rue, supplement to the December 24th, 1903 edition of La Vie au Grand Air, as part of a special on sports celebrities.

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Full page engraving depicting a Grand Assault in the salons of Hotel Dollfus on rue de Presbourg, Paris. Two foil fencers are framed in symbolic ornamentation including two men with polearms and a panoply of weapons and fencing equipment. Above the…

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Drawings of individual fencers and assaults at the Grand Assault of Arms on March 26th, 1882. This page was separated from remainder of the periodical; the transcript of the accompanying article was found in the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

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Four combined engravings by E.A. Tilly depicting the fencing school facilities on rue Saint-Marc, Paris, and Monsieur Rüe, the professor of the school. The top image depicts the salle d'armes during a public assault on December 8, 1887, with…

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Illustrated article on the reception of Italian fencing and Italian fencing masters in France. Also provides commentary on the state of fencing and the rivalry between the Italian and French School.
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