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Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.014 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustration preceding the almanac entry "l'Esprit des Armes" in the chapter "Août".

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.003 - IMG-01.jpg
Frontispiece to "L'Almanach de l'Escrime" by fencing master Arsène Vigeant. Depicts a fencing master and student both in full fencing attire. Includes an excerpt of the poem "Ballade en l'Honnor de Vigeant" written in July 1888 by François Coppée,…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.014 - IMG-01.jpg
The image shows the university fencing school of Altdorf where the university of the free imperial city of Nürnberg was located. A university fencing instructor holds a lesson. Inscription in German reads as follows:
Es kan ein Musen Sohn, nicht…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.013 - IMG-01.jpg
Lord Fortrose, later Earl of Seaforth, is the central figure in this painting. He is shown in his rented apartment in Naples, watching his guests practising their fencing moves. The man in black at the table is the Neapolitan composer, Nicolo…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.007 - IMG-01.jpg
Postcard featuring a fencing instructor wearing a red mask and in a teacher's posture and a student in a blue mask on guard. An unmasked fencer waits in the background, and a wall of foils is to the right of the pair of fencers.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.003 - IMG-01.jpg
Porcelain sculpture of a fencing master and student. The master is wearing a plastron and correcting the hand position of the young student.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.014 - IMG-01.jpg
Salle Rouleau was located on the first floor of a hotel and featured high ceilings, "old-style" woodwork, and a collection of arms donated by Nicholas Maximilianovich de Beauharnais, Duke of Leuchtenberg. The salle was founded by Maître d'Armes Pons…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.013 - IMG-01.jpg
Mimiague le Bearnais was a pupil of Jean-Louis, an artillery regiment's maître d'armes, and, at some time, in the Zouaves. Mimiague founded his salle d'armes on Rue Richelieu in 1862. Upon Mimiague's death in 1883 the salle relocated to Rue du…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.011 - IMG-01.jpg
The Cercle des Mirlitons was a society or club of fencers, 125 strong, composed primarily of artists, the most famous being Charles Auguste Émile Durand.  The name "Mirlitons" could be in reference to the eunuch flute, a French woodwind instrument…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.010 - IMG-01.jpg
Salle d'Armes Cain was founded by Gatechair, veteran of the First Empire and former president of l'Academie d'Armes. The salle was located on the passageway to the Opéra Le Peletier, site of Felice Orsini's January 14, 1858 assassination attempt of…
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