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Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.014 - IMG-01.jpg
Postcard sent on September 21, 1909 addressed to Miss Embry, French Instructor, in Institute, West Virginia. Front depicts two West Point cadets wearing plastrons, masks, and fencing gloves and practicing or fencing with foils. Indian clubs and other…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.INS.003 - IMG-01.jpg
Portrait of Maître d'armes Barthélémy fully dressed for fencing with a foil in his right hand and a mask under left his arm.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.005 - IMG-01.jpg
Engraving from Harpers Weekly depicting a fencing bout, or assault at arms, between a fencer armed with a fencing sabre (left) and the other with a fencing bayonet (right). A short article on the assault in includes with the article in the top and…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.004 - IMG-01.jpg
1890 article from the Illustrated American, a weekly magazine published from 1890 until 1900. The article chronicles fencing in the United States as well as the various academies, fencers, instructors and competitions.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.007 - IMG-01.jpg
Fencing knickers made by Gajardoni in Italy. Left-side button closure designed for a right-handed fencer. One pocket on the rear-left and five belt loops (three on the rear, two on the front). Approximately 1" extra fabric in the length on the front…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.042 - IMG-01.jpg
Fencing knickers made by the Rohdes Academy of Fencing in New York. Adjustable waist with two toothed buckles located over the kidneys and cinching a band hidden inside the waistband. Right-side zipper opening (made for a left-handed fencer) with a…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.043 - IMG-01.jpg
Newspaper article with illustration depicting the salle d'armes at theÉcole spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr. The article below describes the salle:"La salle d’armes est fort spacieuse, ornée avec goût de trophées étincelants, et la méthode de…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.014 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustration preceding the almanac entry "l'Esprit des Armes" in the chapter "Août".

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.013 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustration preceding the almanac entry "l'Esprit des Armes" in the chapter "Août".

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.019 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustrated newspaper engraving of a fencing school.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.012 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustration preceding the almanac entry "Duel en Salle d'Armes" in the chapter "Mai" depicting a fencing match between Louis Ringal (left) and Octave de Bancas (right) interrupted by Maître d'Armes Vigeant (center).

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.008 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustration preceding the almanac entry "Une Compensation" in the chapter "Février" depicting a fencer on a raised piste with hands clapping and bouquets being tossed at her.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.007 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustration preceding the almanac entry "Une Compensation" in the chapter "Février" depicting Maître André Stephanoff, fencing master to the court in St. Petersburg, reading the newspaper in Count Batchoff's smoking room before a fencing lesson.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.005 - IMG-01.jpg
Illustration preceding the almanac entry "La Résurrection de Pons" in the chapter "Janvier"depicting the accident during the fencing match between Alphonse Pons, eldest son of Maître d'Armes Pons, and Lord Geffrin wherein the latter's foil broke 20…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2019.003 - IMG-01.jpg
Frontispiece to "L'Almanach de l'Escrime" by fencing master Arsène Vigeant. Depicts a fencing master and student both in full fencing attire. Includes an excerpt of the poem "Ballade en l'Honnor de Vigeant" written in July 1888 by François Coppée,…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.018 - IMG-01.jpg
The Fencing Master is one of two oil paintings of this subject by Melchers. They belong to a small group of full-length pictures of men dressed for their occupational roles. These works are not commissioned portraits but genre paintings in which the…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.017 - IMG-01.jpeg
Tom fences with the fencing-master as spectators stand round the room or sit on a bench along the back wall, some wearing fencing jackets, others top-hatted. On the right is a table with foils laid out. On the back wall are three pictures: a…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.015 - IMG-01.jpg
Full length portrait of the explorer Sir Richard Burton dressed for fencing and holding a foil.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.014 - IMG-01.jpg
The image shows the university fencing school of Altdorf where the university of the free imperial city of Nürnberg was located. A university fencing instructor holds a lesson. Inscription in German reads as follows:
Es kan ein Musen Sohn, nicht…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2018.INS.013 - IMG-01.jpg
Lord Fortrose, later Earl of Seaforth, is the central figure in this painting. He is shown in his rented apartment in Naples, watching his guests practising their fencing moves. The man in black at the table is the Neapolitan composer, Nicolo…
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