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Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.028 - IMG-01.jpg
Drawings of individual fencers and assaults at the Grand Assault of Arms on March 26th, 1882. This page was separated from remainder of the periodical; the transcript of the accompanying article was found in the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.025 - IMG-01.jpg
Periodical cover engraving commemorating a festival organized by the Société d'Encouragement de l'Escrime celebrating fencing through the ages. Depicts two fencers in 16th century costume fencing two-handed sword versus sword and shield on a raised…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.022 - IMG-01.jpg
Cover article recounting the renowned fencing competition between the popular fencing masters Pini and Kirchhoffer of the Italian and French schools, respectively.

The competition occurred over three days and at two different locations. The first…
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