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Winners from First to Third place (left to right) of the Men's Foil competition: Gustavo Marzi (Italy), Joseph Louis Levis (USA), Giulio Gaudini (Italy).

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First, Second, Third Place Winners In Foils Events
Photo shows (left to…

Portrait of Gustavo Marzi, 1932 Olympic Fencing champion from Italy.

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Photo shows G. Marzi of Italy, 1932 champion in mens' foils. He won all of his 9 matches.

Joseph Louis Levis (USA) and Gustavo Marzi (ITA) fence at the 1932 Olympics.

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Italian first in fencing finals
J. Levis, U.S. hope in fencing events of the Xth Olympiad, took second place in the finals today. G. Marzi of Italy…
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