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1932 Olympic Fencing match between Carlo Agostoni of Italy (left) and Francisco Recio of Mexico (right).

Caption on reverse:
G. Agostoni, intercollegiate sword champion of Italy in a match against F. Recio of Mexico, in today's program of the Xth…

View of the Los Angeles Armory during Olympic fencing events between all participating nations.

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A. Mund of Belgium and R. Minoli of Italy opposing each other during the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles

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S. Ragno of Italy and Lt. G. Calnan of the USA opposing each other during the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles

Fencing Team winners of the 1932 Olympics line up for awards. Teams pictured from left to right: Italy, France, United States.

Captain George Van Rossen and Lieut. H.R. Brown discuss the upcoming 1932 Olympic fencing matches in Los Angeles.


524229...Watch your credit....International News Reel...
Slug (Rossen-Brown)

Arranging for Fencing matches of 1932…

Portrait of H.G. Feraud, the US representative in (1932) Olympic Fencing and Fencing Commissioner of the Los Angeles A.C.

During the Tenth Olympiad

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U.S. Representative in Olympic Fencing events H.G. Feraud (Above) Fencing…
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