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The author discusses the new salle d’armes of the Cercle de l’Escrime, soon to open on rue Volney in Paris. Founded in 1883, the Cercle de l’Escrime established its first salle d’armes on rue Taitbout, where, among others, renowned master Hottelet,…

Winners from First to Third place (left to right) of the Men's Foil competition: Gustavo Marzi (Italy), Joseph Louis Levis (USA), Giulio Gaudini (Italy).

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First, Second, Third Place Winners In Foils Events
Photo shows (left to…

Portrait of the 1932 French Olympic Fencing Team. From left to right: Georges Eugène William Buchard, Bernard Jules Robert Schmetz, Jean Piot, Philippe Louis Eugène Cattiau, Fernand Jourant, Georges Charles Armand Tainturier.

Caption on…

1932 Olympic Fencing match between Carlo Agostoni of Italy (left) and Francisco Recio of Mexico (right).

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G. Agostoni, intercollegiate sword champion of Italy in a match against F. Recio of Mexico, in today's program of the Xth…

View of the Los Angeles Armory during Olympic fencing events between all participating nations.

Portrait of Gustavo Marzi, 1932 Olympic Fencing champion from Italy.

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Photo shows G. Marzi of Italy, 1932 champion in mens' foils. He won all of his 9 matches.

A portrait of Olympian fencer Joseph Levis in a lunge.

Second place winner in Foils events
Photo shows a good closeup of J. Levis of the United States, who placed Seconds in the Mens' Foils events of the Xth Olympiad. Picture shows him…

Joseph Louis Levis (USA) and Gustavo Marzi (ITA) fence at the 1932 Olympics.

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Italian first in fencing finals
J. Levis, U.S. hope in fencing events of the Xth Olympiad, took second place in the finals today. G. Marzi of Italy…

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Austria's Entry Wins Fencing Title

Photo shows (left to right) Theodore A. Schmidt, President of Austria's Olympic committee ; Ellen Pries, 1932 Women's champion fencer ; Prince Ferdinand of Liechenstein (sic) (Liechtenstein).…

Renzo Minoli (Italy) and Tracy Jaeckel (USA) fence at the 1932 Olympics

Olympic Fencers
R. Minoli and T. Jaeckel of United States cross points during their fencing event at the Los Angeles Olympics Games

2020.094.030 Obverse.jpg
A. Mund of Belgium and R. Minoli of Italy opposing each other during the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles

2020.094.029 Obverse.jpg
S. Ragno of Italy and Lt. G. Calnan of the USA opposing each other during the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.093 - IMG-01.jpg
Fencing mask, likely used for sabre fencing. Leather-reinforced padded rim around the perimeter of the face and cage around the top and sides of the head. Heavily padded interior including along the tongue, sides of the face and ears, cheeks, chin,…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2020.092 - IMG-01.jpg
Fencing mask, possibly for the practice of single stick. The bib, padded ring around the perimeter of the face, and cowl around the neck and back of the head is made from a single piece of quilted canvas. Rim around the face is heavily padded and…

Fencing Team winners of the 1932 Olympics line up for awards. Teams pictured from left to right: Italy, France, United States.

Athletes from Team USA representing every sport the US participated in during the 1928 Olympics. From left to right: Major Sloan Doak (equestrian), Frank Wykoff (track), Frank J. Kriz (gymnastics), John Weissmuller (swimming), H.L. Edwards…

Helen Mayer, a 16 year old from Germany, pictured lunging at Bertrand's Academy.

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London.....Photo shows fraulein Helen Mayer, a German Girl, of sixteen years, who is rapidly making a name for herself by her fencing skill in…

2020.094.028 Obverse.jpg
Ivan Duranthon of France and Carlo Simonetti of Italy fence in front of an audience during the pentathlon event of the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. They tied in their match.

Captain George Van Rossen and Lieut. H.R. Brown discuss the upcoming 1932 Olympic fencing matches in Los Angeles.


524229...Watch your credit....International News Reel...
Slug (Rossen-Brown)

Arranging for Fencing matches of 1932…

Portrait of H.G. Feraud, the US representative in (1932) Olympic Fencing and Fencing Commissioner of the Los Angeles A.C.

During the Tenth Olympiad

LA 183516
U.S. Representative in Olympic Fencing events H.G. Feraud (Above) Fencing…
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