French Foil

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French Foil




French foil with green- and ivory-colored cord-wrapped grip and iron figure eight guard. Dark brown patina on all metal parts. Peened pommel and Solingen (Germany) made blade. "Solingen" markings on top and bottom of blade near forte with the "5" mark indicating blade size. "V j B" and corner of a human head and crown in profile marked very close to the forte. A faded and incomplete mark "Acier Bede..." also marked in a font unlike the Solingen mark, and is likely "Acier Bedel" as seen on other foils.


French foil. Steel, wood, cord. Overall length: 41.625 in. Blade 34.125 in. long, .375 in. wide at forte. Guard 3.875 in. tall, 2.5 in. wide, .125 in. thick. Grip 5.625 in. long, 2.625 in. circumference at middle. Pommel 1.5 in. long, 1 in. diameter at widest. Weight 364 grams.


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Loaned for digitization by Benjamin Bowles

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Digitized by Benjamin Bowles ; Cataloged by Benjamin Bowles



“French Foil,” Fencing Arms & Artifacts, accessed May 27, 2024,

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