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Gytte Minton (left) of Great Britain and Maria del Pilar Cerra (right) of the U.S. stand in front of the scoreboard during the Women's Olympic Foil competition at the 1948 Olympic Games.

Caption on reverse:
Women Know Their Foils
Wembley, Eng:…

Mohamed Zulficar of Egypt (right) during his Olympic Individual Sabre bout against Mexico's Benito Ramos Ramos at the Palace of Engineering, Wembley.

Antonio Haro Oliva (right) of Mexico just before his match with his opponent at the 1948 Olympics. The caption of this photo names Haro Oliva's opponent as "Docusen," but such an individual with that name did not compete that year.

Caption on…

View of the Individual Sabre Championship at Wembley's Palace of Engineering, London. Hungary's Pál Ádám Kovács (left) is seen during his bout with Antonio Haro Oliva (Mexico). The finals ended with Kovács occupying the third place to compatriot…

France's Jacques Édmond Émile Lefèvre (left) competing against Antonio Haro Oliva (Mexico) in the final pool of the Individual Sabre championship of the 1948 Olympic Games at the Palace of Engineering, Wembley, London, today, August 13. The title was…

Actress Patricia Roc shown fencing with U.S. Olympian Austin Prokop on a visit to the gymnasium at Uxbridge Olympic Center in London, England as U.S. Olympian Dr. Daniel Bukantz watches.

Captain José Luis Riera of Spain gets wired before the Olympic Pentathlon begins its second leg on July 31, 1948.

Roberto Emiliano Camargo Rodriguiz of Columbia (left), Christian d'Oriola of France (center), and Alfonso Ahumada Ruiz of Columbia (right) pose for a photograph at the 1948 Olympic Games.

Caption on reverse:
3 Fencer's pose at the 1948…

A group photo of British Fencers for the 1948 Olympic Games.

Irene Camber-Corno of Italy (left) and Karen Lachmann of Denmark (right) fencing in the semi-finals at the 1948 Olympic Games in Wembley.

Caption on reverse:
"The Semi Finals of the Foil (Individual) Ladies, at the Palace of Engineering,…

Nils Sjöblom of Finland (right) and Andrew Boyd of the United States of America (left) fence at the Palace of Engineering during the 1948 Olympics.

"Fencing, at the Palace of Engineering Wembley today. Sjoblom (Finland) on right in…

Éva Kun of Hungary (left) and Irene Camber-Corno of Italy (right) compete at Wembley in the Women's Foils of the 1948 Olympic games.

Photo Shows: I.E. Kum [sic] of Hungary (left) and I. Camber of Italy competing in the semi-finals of the…

Giuliano Nostini of Italy (left) and John Emrys Lloyd of Great Britain (right) fence at the Palace of Engineering in Wembley.

Olympic Fencing at the Palace of Engineering, Wembley this Morning. The Semi-Final of the individual…
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