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The author discusses the new salle d’armes of the Cercle de l’Escrime, soon to open on rue Volney in Paris. Founded in 1883, the Cercle de l’Escrime established its first salle d’armes on rue Taitbout, where, among others, renowned master Hottelet,…

A feature on the Italian fencer, Pini, whom the author, Gustave de Lafreté, credits with helping to popularize the sport. Describing Pini as having the flexibility, speed, and strength of a panther, de Lafreté covers Pini’s achievements as an athlete…

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First in a series of fencer vignettes, this one highlighting Maître d'Armes Louis Mérignac preparing to give a lesson.

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Louis Mérignac, born 1846, was the eldest son of Maître d'Armes François Mérignac. Louis was not always a fencer, however. He first tried sculpting, though inevitably his father all but obliged Louis to put foil in hand. Despite his initial apathy to…
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