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A printed French advertisement for Byrrh, an aromatic wine apéritif, featuring two uniformed fencers. It depicts one fencer, sitting and exhausted, and the other, standing with the caption "Je vous offre un Byrrh...Et votre revanche" (I offer you a…

A group of 12 fencers, 3 kneeling and 9 standing, posing in front of a camera (not pictured).

"Jul 22 1912" stamped on back.

"From the N.Y. Herald Syndicate" and "Olympic Fencing Team" stamped on back.

Two men fencing during the Italy vs USA (possibly Claiborne Jay Walker) match at the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium.

International News Photo stamp on back

4 men representing Italy in the 1924 Olympics in Fencing.

Carmelo Merlo (Argentina) and Bino Bini (Italy) fencing sabre at the 1924 Olympics.

Sabre. Merlo. Italie. Bini Gabri (Arg) CI.COF 2702 [sic]

The caption contains an error. Carmelo Merlo represented Argentia at the 1924 Olympics…

A portrait of Maitre d'Armes Conte holding a sabre in the sport magazine La Vie au Grande Air - Sports Celebrities Gallery. A supplement to the February 4, 1904 issue.

Hungarian Fencer Ödön Tersztyánszky at the 1928 Olympics. Won Gold in Men's Sabre.

Stamps on back of photo address payment for media reprinting or reuse of photograph in different countries/regions.

The French Fencing Team at the 1928 Olympics. Their cardigans feature the French Gallic Rooster.

Stamps on back of photo address payment for media reprinting or reuse of photograph in different countries/regions.

An audience watches a fencing bout at the 1928 Olympics.

A second printing of the photograph of the Chilean Fencing Team at the 1928 Olympics. Suspected identities include Jorge Garretón Prieto (second from left), Óscar Novoa Fuentes (forth from left) Tomás León Goyoaga Palacios (fifth from right),…

The German Fencing Team at the 1928 Olympics

Stamps on the back address payment for media reproduction and use of the photograph in different countries.

A photograph of the Mexican fencing team posing at the Olympic Village in Los Angeles.

"Mexico is making its first real bid as an athletic nation.
In the forthcoming Olympic Games.

There are 60 members of the Mexican team quartered…
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