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Women's Champion Fencers participate in bouts at the New York World's Fair to raise money for the Olympic fund. Competitors included Helena Mroczkowska-Dow, Dorothy Grimmelman, Grace Acel Anderson, Dorothy Kerfoot, Mary Ann Harris, and Barbara…

French Gold Medal champion Jeanne Vical poses with her gold medal.

"A Champion.
Los Angeles, Cal - Southern California's women's fencing[g][sic] championships were won by Mlle Jeanne Vical, 21-year-old French Girl. The tournament was…

Thomas J. Sands pictured advancing toward the viewer mid-lunge.

Caption on reverse:
Lt. Thomas J. Sands, National Champion, is pictured in the Olympic Epee Tryouts in the New York Athletic Club. They were held under the auspices of the Amateur…

Fencing Arms & Artifacts - 2021.001 - IMG-01.jpg
First in a two-part series on fencing in America, from it's early days up to the date of publication. Includes details on notable schools, clubs, instructors and fencers as well as the Amateur Fencers League of America, the difficulties of judging…
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