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Flat Objects

Scanning Directions

Scans of flat illustrations, prints, newspapers, or postcards, are often very lovely images and can be very easily added to the collection. As the Museum is completely digital, the quality of our images is paramount to our mission. We really appreciate your contributions, and ask that you follow these scan requirements:

Small Paper Objects

Small paper objects such as postcards are very easily scanned and added to the catalog. Don't worry about cropping or editing the images. The museum will format them to our image standards.


Printed trade catalogs are some of the most valuable paper items the collection has. Trade catalogs document the price, availability, and evolving equipment market over time.

Oversized Paper Objects

For newspaper articles or other illustrations that are too large to scan in one image, overlap your scans so that we can stitch them together to complete the image. This l'Illustration Article pictured below, for example, was scanned in four parts which we digitally stitched together.

Books, Treatise Plates, & Bound Illustrations

Fencing treatises and other bound books often have lovely illustrations and instructional plates. The Museum eventually wants to include these items in the collection, but scanning is often impeded by the book's binding. In the future, the Museum will put together directions for photographing these images in a manner that keeps the images flat and accurate to the original.

In the meantime, please only contribute images from books that you can scan without damaging the binding, and without distorting the image by getting a flat, in-focus scan.

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