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Mounted Sword Contest in San Francisco
Front page of May 22, 1886 Harper's Weekly with illustration drawn by "T de Thulstrup" of a mounted sword contest in San Francisco. Volume 30, number 1535. The illustration depicts two fencers with sabres on horseback with the Telegraph Hill…

L'Ecole de Saint-Cyr
Newspaper article with illustration depicting the salle d'armes at theÉcole spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr. The article below describes the salle:"La salle d’armes est fort spacieuse, ornée avec goût de trophées étincelants, et la méthode de…

Fencers and Fencing In America
1890 article from the Illustrated American, a weekly magazine published from 1890 until 1900. The article chronicles fencing in the United States as well as the various academies, fencers, instructors and competitions.

An Assault At Arms - Sword Versus Bayonet
Engraving from Harpers Weekly depicting a fencing bout, or assault at arms, between a fencer armed with a fencing sabre (left) and the other with a fencing bayonet (right). A short article on the assault in includes with the article in the top and…

1896 International Fencing Tournament in Paris
1896 engraving titled "Le Tournoi International d'Escrime" published in the illustrated magazine "l'Illustration." Depicts an epee bout with onlookers at an international fencing tournament in Paris. The presence of an accompanying descriptive…

The Pini-Kirchhoffer Match
Cover article recounting the renowned fencing competition between the popular fencing masters Pini and Kirchhoffer of the Italian and French schools, respectively.

The competition occurred over three days and at two different locations. The first…

Umbrella Fencing
Newspaper article with photographs describing the use of an umbrella for self defense. Techniques created by the Institute for Physical Culture in Philadelphia in response to increasing robbery of women. The cause of the increase, the author claims,…

Fencing Through the Ages
Periodical cover engraving commemorating a festival organized by the Société d'Encouragement de l'Escrime celebrating fencing through the ages. Depicts two fencers in 16th century costume fencing two-handed sword versus sword and shield on a raised…

Italian Fencing in Paris
Illustrated article on the reception of Italian fencing and Italian fencing masters in France. Also provides commentary on the state of fencing and the rivalry between the Italian and French School.

French Fencing School on rue Saint-Marc
Four combined engravings by E.A. Tilly depicting the fencing school facilities on rue Saint-Marc, Paris, and Monsieur Rüe, the professor of the school. The top image depicts the salle d'armes during a public assault on December 8, 1887, with…

Grand Assault of March 26th, 1882
Drawings of individual fencers and assaults at the Grand Assault of Arms on March 26th, 1882. This page was separated from remainder of the periodical; the transcript of the accompanying article was found in the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Grand Assault at Hotel Dollfus
Full page engraving depicting a Grand Assault in the salons of Hotel Dollfus on rue de Presbourg, Paris. Two foil fencers are framed in symbolic ornamentation including two men with polearms and a panoply of weapons and fencing equipment. Above the…

The Soirée of Ten
Profiles on ten participating martial artists at evening of public assaults and/or demonstrations organized by the Journal des Sports. For the five martial arts on display (foil fencing, épée fencing, French boxing, English boxing, and baton) two…

The Sea and Fencing
Article describing the popularity of fencing festivals, tournaments, and lessons organized seaside in ten different French coastal towns.

The Thomeguex-Barré Duel
Notice of a duel between Monsieur Thomeguex, a well-known amateur and Barré, a left-handed fencing master. The duel was led by Monsieur Breittmayer. After thirty-five minutes with no result, Mr. Breittmayer appealed to the two opponents attempting to…

The Limoges Tournament
Article on an amateur and professional fencing tournament in Limoges, France. The tournament for both foil and épée drew competitors from France, Italy, and Belgium. Controversy arose as some of the professional jury's decisions led to protests and…

The Work of Pini
Illustrated newspaper article on the return of Italian fencing master Pini to Paris, and about his acclaim and school in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

Italian Fencing - Pini and Juan Bay in Paris
An article on Maestro Pini's visit to Paris and an interview with his student, Juan Bay.

Two Sensational Duels
Article on the imminent double duel of two well-known Italian masters, Pessina and Vega, against two well-known French masters, Kirchhoffer and Lucien Mérignac.

The encounter between these masters was initially designed to be serious but…

The World and Sports - The Épée
1901 article by Ernst Nomis describing the rationale and merits of the newly-introduced épée fencing in contrast to foil fencing. Contains some technical descriptions of maneuvers and techniques with photographs of Spinnewyn, head of Salle Spinnewyn…
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