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Advertisements for fencing schools, equipment, lessons, public assaults, and more.

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Advertisement for Salle d'Armes Vince
Advertisement for fencing instruction at Salle d'Armes Vince located at 247 Park Avenue, New York, NY, USA.

Price List & Application for Salle d'Armes Vince
Salle d'Armes Vince application and tuition rates for fencing lessons once or twice a week for one, three, and nine month durations, as well as for private coaching and special classes.

"Le Contre de Septime" Public Assaults Program
Bifold program for the "Le Contre de Septime" public assaults on April 8th, 1901 presented by a society of military and civilian fencing masters with the same name. Cover in the art nouveau style depicting a long-haired woman wearing a fencing glove,…

Early Provost Diploma from Joinville-le-Pont
Fencing provost diploma for Monsieur Antoine Louis Dusautoir, soldier of the 20e Battalion de chasseurs à pied. Issued by the Ecole Normale Militaire de Gymnastique at Joinville-le-Pont. Signed by members of the exam jury:Hottelet, le Sergent Major…

1932 Byrrh Advertisement
A printed French advertisement for Byrrh, an aromatic wine apéritif, featuring two uniformed fencers. It depicts one fencer, sitting and exhausted, and the other, standing with the caption "Je vous offre un Byrrh...Et votre revanche" (I offer you a…

Program for the 1960 Olympics Sabre Events
A 19 page program for the 1960 Olympics sabre fencing events in Rome, Italy. The program covers participants, individual, and team events in English, Italian, and French.
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